Running has been my focus since the Spring of 1989 when I was introduced to Track at Grafton High School. Over the years I’ve accumulated enough miles to “virtually” run around the Earth and have raced at distances ranging from 200 meters to 50 miles as well as some triathlons and even a duathlon.

I ran my first marathon in April of 1995 where I personally encountered the “wall” I had read so much about. Undeterred, I returned the next year and at the finish line I knelt down on one knee to propose to my girlfriend. Mercifully, she quickly accepted and helped me up as I was beginning to feel the effects of the preceding 26.2 miles.

Qualifying for the Boston Marathon had been a personal goal of mine since high school when I read an article about the race in a Runners World magazine. From the Spring of 1995 through 2001 I ran a eight marathons with the intention of bettering the 3:10:59 standard. It wasn’t until the Milwaukee Lakefront Marathon in the Fall of 2001 where I finally got the finish I needed (3:08:27) with some help from a friend of mine who prodded me along for the last 13 miles of the effort.

To date I’ve run twenty one marathons, qualifying for the Boston Marathon four times. In recent years, I’ve branched out into both road and trail ultramarathons – which is defined as a race longer than the standard 26.2 mile marathon distance. Most recently, I’ve begun snowshoe racing during the winter. My long term goals include competing in even longer ultramarathons, improving on my snowshoe racing and perhaps a return to triathlon.


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