motivation needed

i was a bit short on the get-up-and-go this morning. i went downstairs shortly before 5AM and turned on for some music. i then surfed to and noticed a comment on their forum from my friend dave. he stated he’s aiming to do a "rim to rim to rim" race at the grand canyon in october.

now, let’s think about this for a moment. first you run down the grand canyon, then up the other side. at that point you’re only half way done as you need to make a 180 and go back the way you arrived. needless to say, my mind started whirling at the logistics of the event and the training it would take to pull it off. i got myself geared up to head out the door for a five mile effort and mustered a little better than 8:30 pace.

17. February 2009 by Jerry Cameron
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